Extendable gondola trailer transport service

Transport service with expandable double drop deck with or without tractor and with or without driver.

Luis Tortosa Transports expands the range of services by acquiring an expandable double drop deck that allows the transportation up to two tractors. This service is available to all our clients or other companies related to the sector that need it, either in Spain or anywhere in Europe. In addition, Luis Tortosa Transports offers double drop deck transport with or without traction and with or without a driver having the possibility to hire the fully complete service.

When should I hire a double drop deck transport?

Hiring an expandable double deck transport service caters to special situations in which professional and specialized transport is required. For this reason and given our experience, Luis Tortosa Transports will respond in accordance with the Royal Decree 2822/1988 of December 23th, offering a professional and committed service to the client. This low deck offered by Luis Tortosa Transports will allow you to transport your tractor units as well as your heavy construction or agricultural vehicles. Our staff will attend to your request and respond with the feasibility of the service you want to hire.

Transport with expandable double drop deck into national land as well as to any point in Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium… Transport with expandable double deck within the European territory taking as origin and destination any country on the continent.